The Introduction and Use of wireless headsets

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Compared to the wireless headset and wired headset, not much different in sound quality, Wuxianbijiao convenience, the main yes center line Pi instead of just radio, wireless headset is the audio Chu Kou Dian Nao end connected to the Fa She then sent by the transmitter to the acceptance by Dianbo side of the headphones, the receiving end is the equivalent of a radio.


Unlimited headset is divided into three parts: the first is the sound source, the second part is the receiver, the third part is the headset part, this part of the function is mainly used to transmit cell phone or receiver to the signal into sound again reached the ears of people. Wireless headphones are known to have three types. One is the Bluetooth headset, the second is the infrared headphones, the third is the 2.4G.




1, a wireless transmission, wireless monitoring, wireless voice chat capabilities.
2, with professional learning programs, can learn all kinds of home appliances remote control (TV, VCR, DVB, DVD, etc.) functions, but also can be used as digital set-top boxes remote control.
3. Ai can be wireless to listen to the whole of the TV6 channel TV audio, computers, game consoles, VCD, DVD, stereo, MP3, MP4, CD, etc. with the audio output of any electrical appliances.
4. Using a wireless headset, mute in the case of television, a free show of.
5. The transmitter placed on the elderly, infants, patients who need care and other side, use the receiver to listen to the voices of those being cared for, to facilitate easy care. 6. Using imported launch tube and core technology, high sensitivity, interference, signal super, outstanding results, the effective range (less than) 30 m, can be wall receiver.




Transmitter components: transmission frequency: 81.5 ± 0.5MHz or 82.5 ± 0.5MHz Modulation: FM (FM) transmission range ≥ 8M Power: Battery can be accessed by TV, audio, VCD, DVD, multimedia computers with audio output of any audio-visual equipment. Receiver part: frequency coverage :76-86MHz ± 1MHz Receiving Mode: FM (FM) distortion ≤ 2% receiving distance: 30 meters (open land).

Ways of Use


1.The transmitter power switch to the headset position, the power indicator lights. (So the sound when TV off).
2. Press the headset key light, press the reset button one second after the release.
3. And then search key for one second and release, such as 3-5 seconds to receive the voice transmitter; otherwise repeat step 3.
Use the process must pay attention to: the output plug into your computer microphone MIC port, within two meters away from the microphone wireless voice chat. Computer, TV, DVD volume size of the reception of the headset volume level and sound quality.



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The Introduction and Use of wireless headsets

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The Introduction and Use of wireless headsets

This article was published on 2010/09/14