Panasonic LCD TVs vs Sony LCD TVs- No Clear Winner

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When it comes to LCD TVs Sony is the name to reckon with. More so as most of the people now want to upgrade their television sets to the best, rather latest available technology. It is no secret that Sony Corporation has always enjoyed the upper hand in terms of the keenly researched features and completely unexplored features. But, it has to be understood that affordability is a big factor when it comes to electronics items. On this front Panasonic takes the lead over Sony. In this age when technology never remains new for a long period of time, there is no such thing like exclusive technology. So, even if companies bring out deeply researched LCD TVs, it will definitely not remain exclusive for a very long period of time. That way, cost becomes the bigger differentiator. It can definitely be said that Panasonic commands respect for its ability to render LCD TV sets that are high on features and also cost effective at the same time. These sets can not be claimed to be cheap at all, but at least they are not priced exorbitantly at least.

Those who buy LCD TV want the best of both the world, which is practically not possible. The sets offered by Sony are generally high on video and audio quality. The picture quality will be same from whichever angle you view. You can also adjust the audio system as per your needs. Actually, this particular quality is there in almost every LCD TV these days. Probably, that is the reason buyers these days prefer to go with the review offered by the ex[perts over various mediums like magazines, portals, etc. There are cases of users deciding their buy over the review published in these mediums.

It can be said that the debate of Panasonic LCD TVs vs Sony LCD TVs is definitely tilted a bit in favour of Sony; but it is more of a TV set specific issue. It can not plainly be said that Sony offers completely new features with every single launch of LCD TV. Anyway, those looking forward to have LCD TV can have it from the stores which are offering various kinds of deals over the same.

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Panasonic LCD TVs vs Sony LCD TVs- No Clear Winner

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Panasonic LCD TVs vs Sony LCD TVs- No Clear Winner

This article was published on 2011/01/28