New Models of Mini Projectors

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Are you bored with LCD projector? Now Mini Projector or so called Pocket projectors have arrived in global market. These ‘Pocket Projectors’ are easily portable and offers high quality images and sound with a variety of latest features. It is considered as a better substitute for expensive and bigger LCD Projector. ‘Pocket projectors’ as clear by name can be carried anywhere anytime. It is very popular among youngsters. They can enjoy its company even being solitary.


‘Pocket projectors’ or Mini Projector function based mainly on projecting the digital image. Though it is tiny, its hardware system is very compact. It is divided into four parts and it’s all together installed in a micro-chip. Projector is used to focus laser light on any board, wall or surface where you can see picture.


One big advantage of it is that it uses LED technology which saves energy as well as gives a clear quality picture. It can be attached or connected to any kind of portable media devices like mp3 player, computers, laptops and iPod. Mini projectors are very useful in all fields and acts as a device of enjoyment everywhere. It has also widespread use for important presentations in offices to transfer of data. It provides built-in memory, HDMI, MP3 MP4 player, USB with AV-in, LED, etc. for business home and education.


There are a lot of varieties in mini projector in terms of size, quality and features few of them are multiple display convenience, 3D projections technology, hassle free PC presentation, big zoom installation flexibility etc. Due to 3D mini projectors, education has become delightful and appealing to the young school goers Schools have demonstrated maximum improvement in learning difficult subjects like maths, science, biological projects, abstract concepts and geographical changes. Visual learning is always better than audio mode. But at the same time, these all things must be economical within the reach of school as well as students. Even all these varieties provide a great platform for teachers who are ready to have a tech upgrade or try a new way of teaching.


My friend works for an NGO and often performs ‘road shows’ to spread ‘AIDS’ awareness. She recently purchased and branded mini projector but it failed at the time of show due to some technical fault and even after mending it, didn’t produce suitable quality. Then I recommended her about BenQ Joybee GP digital projector which is considered best Lilliput compared to any other models. BenQ has all the required features and power that makes it superior among all other Lilliputian’s. It is actually a DLP based LED digital projectors which offers very bright clear image irrespective of surfaces.


These projectors are also available easily on various online shopping sites with great deals. The best thing is that due to her busy schedule, she did not have to go down to al the shops to search for the best deals. She soon ordered it and it was conveniently delivered at her doorstep. And needless to say, her next presentation during her road show turned out to be a great success.

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New Models of Mini Projectors

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New Models of Mini Projectors

This article was published on 2011/01/24