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Nowadays the financial management and bookkeeping (in Finnish = kirjanpito)can be handled in electronic systems, which are designed to automatize most of the monetary traffic and this way to ease up the bookkeeping of the company. Aside from making the administration easier, it also frees the resources of the company into the core business. Electronic financial management can as well be a tool for the management when estimating the company´s performance and for example efficiency of the sales or profitability of the products. Electronic management will give day-to-day figures and helps this way also to foresee the future trends.

Automatized bookkeeping and electronic invoice are the main benefits when moving into the electronic finance management. These will decrease the routine tasks of bookkeeping. Also the tax declarations, salary payment, posting the payments and all the bank traffic can be incorporated into the electronic systems. E-bills are handy and economically efficient, and most of the customers are nowadays able to receive their bills in electronic form via different kind of e-billing systems or simply straight into the online bank account. The most of the bigger companies have migrated their accountancy into the electronic form and require also from their subcontractors the same.

The best way to arrange the electronic finance management is to buy all the services from the same place and from the same service provider, otherwise the benefits from the moving into the more efficient system can be lost in the incompatibility of the different systems and softwares. Cloud services are the latest trend in the company software development, and financial management is not exception. Most of the accounting companies offer cloud services these days, which makes the work of the company even more easer, since all the software updates, maintenance activities and license handling is removed from the customer to be the responsibility of the service provider.

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Electronical finance managing

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Electronical finance managing

This article was published on 2012/02/15