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Visiting an older home or an establishment or building, you will notice how the architects and engineers before place the electrical wirings and lugs and even sockets. It is normally outside of the walls, even suspended. Even if it is an eyesore for some, for us it can be nostalgic, even putting a classic touch to it. When it comes to renovating or building your humble abode, always remember where and how you’ll install your electrical plugs and connectors. It is the most challenging part of building – actually, the finishing stage, that is. And most of us, out of sheer excitement of seeing our home built, we completely lost track where to put the electrical requirements. For the detailed person or architect, this should not be left behind.

Electrical plugs and connectors are considered to be the most important aspect in the home. Current generation would really that that person who invented the electrical concept and he never realized how convenient his invention was. In the advent of technology, we rely heavily on this. Computers are another example of the dependence on electrical plugs and connectors. Let’s try to see why. Normally an electrical connector is a device that connects circuits using a certain mechanical assembly. If you’re familiar with the back of the television and you see plug-ins, that’s an example of an electrical connector. There are many types of plugs and connectors and they vary depending on the size and service they give to their user. It is ideal for this type to have low contact resistance and high in insulation value.

This also reminds us of our science subject in school, dealing particularly with the electricity and energy. At first we normally don’t understand why we have to learn the concept of energy and electricity in school. It is when we are a bit older and starting to do some renovations – be it in office and home – that we remember some of the things discussed. It is also funny to note that we even have some gender-calling to those plugs – such as the male and the female plugs and connectors. And we see why they are considered such because of their physical appearance. No need to explain further. Even a non-expert in electronics would understand it immediately.

But as we see the electrical plugs and connectors, it is pretty much similar to life’s experiences – that in every situation, there is a challenge for us to face and how we rise up to the challenge. Sometimes those challenges pins us to the ground, even zapping our energy and the will to survive. When it is so easy to give up, taking the easy way out, there is always that light bulb moment wherein we thought we ran out of ideas but this is where the support of our friends and family that we consider as our electrical plugs and connectors -  to give us the power boost and energy and the assurance that everything will be fine and we will get this through together.

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Electrical Plugs And Connectors

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This article was published on 2011/07/01