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Technology is constantly on the rise. Nowadays, new gadgets come into the market one after the other, sometimes even in droves. Corporations churn them out regularly without losing a beat, always coming up with a brand new feature to give the product a “must-buy” status.

One can hardly keep track of the names and features of the many different types of gadgets, and picking which one to buy is such a pain for the ordinary semi-observer.

True blue techies though – those who have the disposable income to spare – most probably have it all. Hardcore technology enthusiasts buy all the latest electronics the market is offering.

There is always something new in the market. There are always consumers who would gravitate towards the hip, newer product. And there are always the old, replaced devices that these consumers don’t quite know how to get rid of. Little do they know, there are other people looking to own electronics that they find too expensive to buy new.

Enter, BuyBackWorld, a company that promises – and actually delivers – to give a whole new meaning to the practice of trading. By prioritizing the costumers’ needs, designing a very easy system and attaching fair and honest prices to each transacted item, BuyBackWorld has poised itself to achieve success.

The brainchild of young entrepreneurs Andreas Leptourgos and Steven Francess, BuyBackWorld was borne after the pair’s firsthand encounters with its pretty obvious necessity. When they realized that there are plenty of people who want to discard their old gadgets with absolutely no idea how to do so, Leptourgos and Francess decided to create a platform that makes it so much easier and faster for these people to sell their used devices.

Usually, long distance transactions are difficult, but this case is different. Participating in BuyBackWorld is extremely hassle-free. Sellers only have to go online to indicate the product they wish to unload, and then have it shipped. Payment comes upon inspection and approval of the item. Making money has never been this easy.

Leptourgos and Francess wish to make the process even more convenient for you, so shipping and packaging is completely free for the sellers. It is amazing how there is hardly any work involved in making money this way.

Perhaps most importantly, the safety and privacy of both sellers and buyers are top priorities of the company. All of the gadgets that are received are reset to their original factory settings, wiped out of all its saved data and checked thoroughly by a trained inspector for any trace of leftover information. Among other things, BuyBackWorld wants to make sure the people they are servicing feel secure entrusting their old personal gadgets to them.

BuyBackWorld makes perfect sense in so many ways. Costumers get a good deal by either earning or saving money, electronics are recycled instead of being part of the growing mound of trash, and the co-founders have the opportunity to build a business that’s wholly committed to their ideals in eco-awareness, integrity and fairness. With BuyBackWorld, every party is a winner.

Including the environment.

This company prides itself on being environmentally conscious. When the electronics are not deemed reusable (meaning, it did not reach the minimum standards of quality to be re-sold), BuyBackWorld has eco-friendly practices on recycling.



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BuyBackWorld – Easy, Fast, Profitable

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BuyBackWorld – Easy, Fast, Profitable

This article was published on 2012/02/29